What makes an ideal leader?

Sabahat Basharat

The world as we desire it to be – a peaceful place to live, work, bring up your children and achieve your ambitions and goals. Where you are no different from anyone irrespective of race, religion, wealth or political status.

I am sorry to say but this does not seem to be the case anymore. Our world is gradually being teared apart by certain people, who seem to have only one objective, and that is to divide the human race by deceiving us with false information, brainwashing us, playing with our emotions and inflaming the hate and rage from within the deepest corners of our hearts. It pretty much sounds like something we would think ISIS would do to recruit uneducated and ignorant young Muslim men/women. Right? Well, it is undoubtedly something that has been happening right here under our noses and we are frankly falling right into the trap without any realisation on the long-term effect it will have on our lives.

Whether it be the far right, ultranationalist organisation ‘Britain First’, who openly declare themselves as an anti-Islam group and spread hatred, or America’s president Donald Trump who is not shy at all to categorically accuse Muslims of being promoters of terrorism. Just yesterday, Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen (recently arrested after her appearance at a Neo-Nazi radio show) shared videos on twitter of negative and singled out events in which some individuals who, apparently were Muslims are seen committing utterly disgusting crimes. Shame on them and I truly hope that they are caught, prosecuted and receive the highest possible sentence. Nevertheless, I would really like to know what Ms Fransen’s objective behind sharing these videos was? It is very clear, and I won’t even go into it any further.

Horrendous crimes are being committed around the globe on daily basis, by humans. Not Muslims, not by people of any religion or race, they are committed by individuals, full stop. To understand this, you would have to open up and start to educate yourself and try to learn about diverse cultures and religions. Visit mosques, temples, churches and get a hands-on experience. Only then will you realise that we may well be different, but the difference is so minimal that it becomes irrelevant.

We look up to our leaders whom we have chosen to represent us and expect them to make the right decisions to be in the best of our nation’s interests. Although, it is understood that not all of our political stances or interests would perfectly align with one another and a good example of that would be the outcome of the recent referendum i.e. Brexit. We would, however, like to see the nation’s leader to possess the skills to promote and maintain unity, peace and harmony within society.

I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, a peace-loving community that helps people in need whether it is through raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities such as the Poppy appeal, feeding the homeless, planting trees or helping victims of natural disasters as we did during the 2015 floods. We open our mosques to all and go even further to offer our mosque halls to colleges during exam times, the fire brigade services for their training, blood donation events and many more.

We live by the moto ‘Love for all hatred for none’. The leader of our global community is the Caliph, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, recently named as London’s most influential person of faith, just after the Queen. He is a true example of an ideal leader with a charismatic personality and character. He strives to unite people and is a true champion in promoting peace on earth. He has travelled the world and has visited various parliaments and met with political and religious leaders to spread the message of peace and the importance of unity, and educating them on the true teachings of Islam. This is the part we Ahmadi Muslims play to integrate and be loyal to the country we reside in.

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