Established in 2010, Jihad of the Pen (JP) is a news site dedicated to the critical analysis and discussion of modern issues relating to religion, ethics and science – with a particular focus on Islam. Both the site’s contributors and readers are often leading experts and professional in their fields, offering a wealth of experience and insight. This has afforded JP the ability to contrast theory based research with the pragmatic realities of the diverse world we live in. JP is managed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK (AMYA).


Editorial Team

Editor: Imam Farhad Ahmad

Deputy Editor: Sajid Zahid

News Round-Up Editor: Usman Khan

Digital Editor: Zainull Abideen Daniyal

AMYA Lectures Editor: Zubair Hayat

Social Media Editor: Fowad Ahmed

Blogs Editor:


How to submit a blog?

To submit a blog, simply send an amazing piece of writing to the blogs editor. If the article is accepted, the blogs team will set up your blog and publish your first article! You can then submit regular articles to the blogs team. To be a successful contributor, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Keep the length of your piece between 600 and 800 words.
  • Have a clear issue, argument or question that you want to address.
  • Make sure that you write about a subject that is relevant.
  • Think outside of the box; don’t rehash what everyone else has written about. Be original!
  • Don’t just highlight a problem, but tell the reader what your solutions are
  •  Start your article with a short paragraph that summarises the rest of the article.
  • Suggest 1-3 snappy headlines.


How to contact us?

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