The human chest is the house of Allah and the heart is the Blackstone

Taken from the Review of Religions September 1971

The Promised Messiah (as) says:

Remember with vivid consciousness that as the Blackstone is placed in the House of Allah so is the position of the heart in the bosom of man. The House of Allah passed through a time when infidels had stocked it with idols. It is in the range of possibility that the House of Allah chose that situation as a similitude. The heart of man is like the Blackstone and his bosom is likened to the House of Allah. Thoughts of others than Allah are the idols that find place in this Kaaba (sanctuary). The idols of Mecca, the honoured city, were destroyed when our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) invaded it with a party of ten thousand saints and Mecca was conquered. These ten thousand companions have been called angels in earlier scri­ptures. In truth their exalted position was comparable to the glory of angels. Human talents are in a manner categorised with angles, for, as angels have the virtue of obeying as they are commanded يَفْعَلُوْنَ مَا يُؤْمَرُوْنَ so have human powers the characteristic of do­ing as bidden, all the human faculties and organs standing by to take orders from man. Therefore, for the disruption and dislodgement of the idols of the thoughts centred in others than Allah, a similar attack should be mounted on them. Such an host is prepared through inner purification and the one who en­gages in this cleansing process is alone granted the victory. The Holy Quran says in this behalf قَدْ اَفْلَحَ مَنْ زَكّٰىهَا

The Hadith has it that if the heart is purified the entire body becomes whole. How true it is that the eye, the ear, the hands, the feet, the tongue, in short, all the limbs follow the behest of the heart. A thought is flashed and the concerned limb is at once ready to obey. In short, to purge this House of these idols, a holy war is called for and I am to show you the way to this holy war and assure you that if you abide by it you will certainly smash up these idols. And this way is not of my own improvisation. In fact, God has commissioned me to point it out. And what is that way? Obey me and follow my lead. This call is not a new call. To deterge Mecca of idols the Prophet of Allah (peace of Allah and His blessings be on him) announced:

“Say: if you love Allah then follow me. Allah will love you too”. Accordingly, if you follow me you will be able to break your inner idols and cleanse up your bosom which holds so many images. For self-purification one need not have recourse to the rigour of 40-day penance. The companions of the Holy Prophet (blessings of Allah and His peace be with him) did not take to this course. Malfoozat V. 1 pp. 172-174

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