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Rabi’a al-‘Adawiyya: The jewel of Basra

If it had to be summarized in a single sentence who Rabi‘a al-Basri was, the following statement would come quite close: Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyya, a woman from Basra who rejected ...
Dawkins 123

Richard Dawkins Follows Prophet Muhammad’s Teaching on Freedom

Richard Dawkins controversially asserts that, “it can be plausibly argued that a deeply held belief [in hell] might cause a child more long-lasting mental trauma than the temporary ...

Do Atheists have the right to offend Muslims?

By Darkeyedmuslim Recently some atheists at the LSE Freshers day were asked by university authorities to remove T-shirts depicting the Prophets Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon ...
Al-Mahdi Mosque, Bradford

My Journey – Ataul Wahab Ahmad Rybinski

By Ataul Wahab Ahmad Rybinski My name is Ataul Wahhab Ahmad Rybinski. The name Ataul Wahhab means ‘Gift of The Bestower’ was given to me by Hudhur. I was born on October 9th 1980 ...

London’s First Mosque: A study in history and mystery

The morning of the 3rd of October 1926 dawned upon London as another regular Sunday morning, but for the residents of Putney, it had been long awaited. The construction of an unusual ...