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You only need to read these passages from the Koran to realise that there’s nothing ‘Islamic’ about the Islamic State

By Adam Walker The Koran, whose message Isis butcher at every turn, even instructs Muslims to protect the religious freedoms of others A still from the Isis video, purportedly showing ...

Are peaceful Muslims in denial about their religion?

By Adam Walker The Koran has violent passages, but it also has others that explicitly tells us how to interpret them — and it’s bad news for critics of Islam A propaganda video ...

Why a Study Showing ‘Religious’ Children are Less Moral is Just Bad Science

By Tahir Nasser Word is out. Belief in God will make your children less moral people, so say researchers from the University of Chicago. It’s hit the news too, and looking at the ...

Act Quickly: Our Kids are Facing an Existential Crisis?

By Adam Walker Our children are facing an existential crisis. But hey, don’t worry; we can always delegate parenthood to our televisions, tablets and smart-phones. That’ll work ...

Anyone Who Believes the Quran Teaches Violence Hasn’t Read it Properly

By Qasim Rashid The permission given in Quran 22:40-41 to fight in self-defence was not only granted to defend Muslims from persecution, but to defend Christians, Jews and people ...