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Do Muslims Believe in the Past Prophets?

Muslims believe that a number of holy people revered by other religions were divinely appointed to guide humankind toward the true One God. The Holy Quran names these people ‘Messengers’ ...

Is there only one Quran like Muslims say or are there different Qurans around the world?

Short Answer There is only one Qur’an and no evidence exists to support the existence of an alternative text(s). There have always existed variant recitations of the Holy Qur’an, ...
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Demystifying the Miraj – 5 facts that debunk it being a physical occurrence

By Nauman Hadi A model image of what the Prophet’s Mosque would have looked like in his time. In the 5th year of his call the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sa) was taken on a journey ...
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Moderate Islam – Is the vision of Saudi Crown Prince Worthy of Optimism?

By Sinwan Basharat Last week Pulitzer prize winner and New York Times columnist, Thomas Freidman, wrote about his great optimism in Saudi Arabia due to the rising prominence of its ...

Prophecy Fulfilled: Partition of Bengal

By Usman Khan In July 1905, a decision was taken by the British Government to put in effect the partition of Bengal [1], which was announced in July 1905 by the Viceroy of India, Lord ...